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Our motto is Health Science, Simplified. Our mission is to provide the best healthcare along with simple, practical, recommendations that can help you build real health for a lifetime.  
We believe that your body has an amazing ability to heal, when given the right stimulus, environment, and nourishment - the human body can overcome a variety of complications - naturally.
We respect that YOU are the best authority on what is going on in your body and often symptoms are useful body signals. By utilizing personalized health and functional evaluations in combination with any necessary medical imaging or testing, we identify the root cause behind symptoms and partner with you to develop a multi-therapeutic approach designed to reach your specific goals.
Through a holistic approach that includes corrective chiropractic care, functional nutrition, supplement protocols, and detoxification, we remove interference to the healing process and provide the body with the proper support it needs.  
This approach has allowed us to help thousands reclaim their health and perform better by tapping into the body’s healing potential at the cellular level.


We know structure equals function! In our clinic, Emerald City Family Chiropractic, we work with the latest structural corrective techniques to restore the optimal postural position of the spine.
The closer the spine is to an optimal position the better you feel, move, and function. We accomplish this through specific and safe structural chiropractic adjustments and Functional rehabilitation to re-educate the soft tissue to hold the spine in a new position that allows for progressive improvement 

Our goal will always be for optimal function when your brain is able to communicate efficiently and well with the rest of your body!

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Individual Consultations

Individual consultations allow us to coach clients on how to heal the body at a cellular level through functional nutrition, labs and testing, supplement protocols, and lifestyle changes. Learn more about this service on our consultations page. 

Heath & Wellness

Shopping tours, one on one nutrition, supplements, health talks, keeping you accountable towards your goals


Learn about nutrition, functional rehab, and functional healthcare through our courses. This is a great option for those who are self-motivated and want to take control of their health. You can learn at your own pace. 

Courses available soon!

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